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Research Works in Technology Department

Technology Department



Participating Scientists

Tissue culture of oil palm, coconut and date palm

Develop reliable tissue techniques for rapid multiplication of elite oil palm, coconut and date palm

Dr. J.O. Odewale, Dr. O. Asemota, Dr. C.R.Eke, Mr. M. Ugiagbe

Production of value added products from vegetable oils

Adding value to otherwise crude vegetable oils e.g. oil palm and enhancing their utilization and pricing

Mr. J.U. Obibuzor, Mr. D.O.M. Enonuya, I.L. Gold, Dr. D.A. Okiy, Dr. R.D. Abigor, C.O. Ilechie, C.N. Nwawe, E.E. Ojomo, G. Aibangbee, S. Ogblechi, N. Adeyemi

Technology for production of copra and coconut oil

Develop cheap and rural scale technology and simple equipment for production of copra, and coconut oil

G.A. Badmus, N. Adeyemi, D.O.M. Enonuya, I.L. Gold

Utilization of wastes of oil palm, coconut and Raphia

To produce useful products from wastes generated in oil palm, Raphia and coconut processing and reduce environmental menace of wastes

Dr. D.A. Okiy, I.L. Gold, D.O.M. Enonuya, Dr. R.D. Abigor, E.E. Ojomo,

Biochemical characterization and use of Raphia fruit mesocarp oil as well as Raphia trunk and petiole

Enhance utilization of Raphia

Dr. R.D. Abigor, J.U. Obibuzor, P. Amiolemhen

Preservation and utilization of date fruits

To enhance value of date fruits

I.L. Gold, D.O.M. Enonuya, Dr. E.C. Okolo

Date palm sex identification

Sex identification in date palm

D.O.M. Enonuya

Improvement in the extraction efficiency of the NIFOR SSPE

Improve efficiency of the NIFOR SSPE, and make available range of affordable proceesing technologies for palm oil production

C.O. Ilechie, G.A. Badmus, P. Amiolemhen, G. Aibangbee, S. Ogblechi

Improvement of quality of palm oil through biotechnology

Clone important enzymes of fatty acid biosynthesis

Dr. O. Asemota, Dr. J.O. Odewale

Design ad development of simple machine tools for the palms industry

Design climbing machine for the palm tree

Develop simple bunch evacuation truck

Develop simple bunch refuse shredder

G.A. Badmus, C.O. Ilechie, G. Aibangbee, S. Ogblechi, P. Amiolemhen, N. Adeyemi