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Research on Raphia /Date Palm, Achievements and Impact




Participating Scientists

Raphia hookeri varietal development, seed and seedling multiplication

Develop varieties with high wine yielding and long fibre for pulp and paper

Dr. E.C. Okolo, Dr. C.D. Ataga, Dr (Mrs.) C.O. Okwuagwu, G. Odiowaya, L. Enaberue, 

Pest and disease management studies of Raphia hookeri

Evolve integrated and cheap management techniques for disease of

Dr. E.A. Oruade-Dimaro, E.E. Ojomo, Dr. F.O. Appiah

Development of agronomic practices for Raphia

Evolve sustainable practices for Raphia

Dr. C.V. Udosen, A. Imogie, Dr. N.O. Aisueni, P. Oviasogie, Dr. M.M. Ugiagbe



Date Palm



Participating Scientists

Date palm improvement and seed/seedling multiplication

Develop high yielding and disease resistant date varieties,

Develop techniques for identification of male and female date at seedling stage

Dr. E.C. Okolo, Dr. C.D. Ataga, Dr. (Mrs.) C.O. Okwuagwu, A. Hamza, D.O.M. Enonuya

Development of agronomic practices for date palm

Evolve agronomic and soil management techniques to sustain high yield of the crop

Dr. M.M. Ugbah, Dr. A.E. Isenmila, Dr. N.O. Aisueni, M.S. Isyaku, A.M. Hamza

Pests and disease management studies in Date palm

Evolve integrated management techniques for pests and diseases of Date

Dr. (Mrs.) I.B. Omamor, Dr. I.J. Osagie, E.I. Eziashi


Others palms



Participating Scientists

Studies on Borassus

Utilization of lesser exploited palms of Nigeria

Dr. E.C. Okolo, Dr (Mrs) C.O. Okwuagwu, Dr. C.D. Ataga