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Research On Coconut Palm, Achievements And Impacts




Participating Scientists

Coconut varietal development and multiplication

Produce coconut variety with high yield and tolerant to the lethal yellowing disease.

Dr. J.O. Odewale, G.Odiowaya, L. Enaberue

Integrated fertility management in sole and intercropped coconut system

Evolve soil fertility management practices for sustaining productivity of coconut in sole or intercropped systems

Dr. N.O. Aisueni, Dr. M.M. Ugbah, Dr. A.E. Isenmila, B.O. Ejedegba, A.O. Okpala-Jose

Pest and disease management studies in coconut

Develop control measures for the devastating lethal yellowing disease

Develop management techniques for pre-mature nut fall and pests and diseases associated with coconut.

Dr. C.I. Aisagbonhi, Dr. I.J. Osagie, E.E. Ojomo, E.I. Eziashi