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Works in The Economic And Extension Division


Economics & Extension Department



Participating Scientists


1. Establishment of a base data bank for the Nigerian oil palm industry – including economic studies on date palm.

To build base data on the Nigerian oil palm industry to guide appropriate policy decision and planning in the oil palm sub-sector.

To monitor and evaluate Nigerian production, exports and prices of oil palm produce and

To keep track of world market of fats and oils

C.N. Nwawe, A. Ojemade, Mrs. B. Adakaren, M. Ikheloa


2. Exploratory and Diagnostic surveys to identify farmers practices and problems in the oil palm and coconut growing states, and Economic impact studies of NIFOR developed technologies.

-To obtain information on oil palm farm situation as it relates to small-scale oil palm farmers.

- To identify constraints as perceived by palm farmers and

- To proffer solution to the constraints.

A.Okpala-Jose, Dr. J.O. Odewale, C.A. Omokhudu, O. Solomon, C.N. Nwawe, A. Ojemade, M. Ikheloa


NCRP X –02

3. On-Farm Adaptive Research

-          To evaluate technologies developed on-station under farmers’ environment.

-          To validate and fine-tune developed technologies and

-          Use the results of the on-farm trials for Extension work.

-          Community outreach

A. Okpala Jose, A. Imogie, Dr. C.A. Omokhudu, O. Solomon


4. Development of combined Raphia, Fish, Rice and sugar cane farming system.

To develop technology for utilization of coastal and freshwater swamps for multiple cropping  and to establish the economics of the system

Dr. C.V. Udosen,

5. NCRP71-01

Mass Diffusion and Demonstration of developed technologies through

-           Field Days

-Radio/TV/Video Program

-Agric Shows



To extend oil palm research results to end-users and stakeholders in the oil palm industry and feed back farmers’ constraints and problems encountered in using the research results.

Dr. C.A. Omokhudu, O. Solomon, Mrs. C.O. Okolo

 Promoting effective women participation in the palms industry

Sensitize women participation in the palms industry

Mrs. C.O. Okolo, Mrs B. Adakaren