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Research on Oil Palm, Achievements and Impacts

Oil Palm



Participating Scientists

Oil palm varietal development and seed production

i.                     Yield and oil quality improvement through selection and breeding of the oil palm

ii.                   Establish seed gardens with second cycle parents


Dr (Mrs) C.O. Okwuagwu, Dr. C.D. Ataga, D. E.C. Okolo, Dr. O. Asemota, M. Okoye

Oil palm germplasm conservation, evaluation and exploitation

To establish and evaluate the variability of the Nigerian oil palm germplasm from different locations of the oil palm belt.

Dr. (Mrs.) C.O. Okwuagwu, Dr. C.D. Ataga, Dr. E.C. Okolo, Mr. M.Okoye

Oil palm soil fertility management

Evolve soil series specific fertilizer recommendations for the oil palm in Nigeria


Find suitably locally available local rock minerals and organic materials for soil fertility management

Dr. A.E. Aghimien, Dr. N.O. Aisueni Dr. A.E. Isenmila, Dr. C.E. Ikuenobe, Dr. M.M. Ugbah, Mr. F. Ekhator, Mr. A.A. Edokpayi, Dr. U. Omoti

Oil palm intercropping system and weed management

Identify economically and socially viable oil palm intercropping system and weed management

Mr. A.O. Okpala-Jose, Dr. M.M. Ugbah, Dr. A.E. Isenmila, Mr. B.O. Ejedegba, Dr. C.E. Ikuenobe, Mr. E.E. Eseleh, Mr. A. Imogie

Integrated plant soil water management

Develop cheap and sustainable soil moisture conservation techniques for the oil palm

Dr. A.E. Isenmila, Dr. O. Asemota, Dr. M.M. Ugbah

Pest and disease management studies

Integrated management of pests and disease management in the palm and low pesticide or external input.

Dr. (Mrs.) C.E. Airede, Dr. C.I. Aisagbonhi, Dr. F.O. Appiah, Dr. I.J. Osagie, Dr. E.E.Odigie, Mr. V. Adaigbe, Mr. E.I. Eziashi, Mr. O. Uduebor